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Employer Information 

Employers sponsor their employees in the apprenticeship program. In doing so, employers have a responsibility to support their employee and to uphold the terms of the employer acceptance agreement (linked below). Ways that employers can provide support to their employees attending ACDS include:

  • Role model professional behavior and communication

  • Answer questions and review homework assignments

  • Observe apprentice in classroom for implementation of learned skills

  • Provide technology as needed (laptop, printer)

  • Ask apprentice questions about class

  • Contact instructor and inquire about apprentice’s progress and participation

  • Remind student to register for the following semester and ensure payment has been made

  • Support apprentice with classroom implementation of learned skills

  • Provide apprentice access to other classrooms to observe children of different ages and different classroom environments

  • Complete semester evaluations in a timely manner

  • Ensure apprentices are working 20 hours a week directly with children

  • Review OJT logs for accuracy prior to signing


Below we have shared the outline of the apprenticeship work process, the standards of our apprenticeship program and other documents that will be beneficial to employers. Click the links below to download and/or print the documents.

Supervisors Evaluation 1st Semester
Supervisors Evaluation 2nd Semester
Supervisors Evaluation 3rd Semester
Supervisors Evaluation 4th Semester

Supervisor Checklist


Work Process Schedule
Standards of Apprenticeship
ACDS-Employee Policies + Procedures
Employee Acceptance Agreement
Application for DOL Completion

We now have an employer brochure that provides employers a glance at their role and responsibilities to staff that are participating in ACDS.  Click on the image below to download the brochure. 


Professional Woman

 “I loved ACDS and I am happy to have completed. 

I will recommend ACDS to anyone that wants to work with young children.” 

~ Anonymous Student

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