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As an ACDS student, there will be documents that you may need access to while in the program. Below are documents that are most frequently requested by students.  You may click the links to download and/or print the materials.

DOL Completion
Change of Status
Guidelines for Conduct + Confidentiality
On The Job Training Log

Portfolio Guidelines
Portfolio Table of Contents
Portfolio Record 1st Semester
Portfolio Record 2nd Semester
Portfolio Record 3rd Semester
Portfolio Record 4th Semester

Course Outline 1st
Course Outline 2nd
Course Outline 3rd
Course Outline 4th

Previous Credit Experience Application


How to Scan Using Cell Phone

Apprentice Policies + Procedures 

Payment Submission Form 

Credit Card Transaction Form

How to get started with your virtual portfolio   


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How to get started on your virtual portfolio

How to get started on your virtual portfolio

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 “I am so glad that I’ve stuck with this program. It has helped me not only gain knowledge and experience, but also new perspectives and the ability to appreciate other methods.” 

Anonymous Student