Current Events:

Heart BookMany of you have probably heard that ACDS is in the final stages of writing a completely new curriculum. This past fall, all first semester classes throughout the state used the new curriculum. That is exciting news for ACDS!

The new curriculum has both similarities and differences with the previous curriculum. Both educate students on child development, WV licensing regulations, and NAEYC best practices. Both curriculums discuss many of the same topics of study including: theory, children with special needs, health and safety, diversity, and literacy. Instructors will continue to be trained on best practices in facilitating adult learning and will be familiar with the curriculum prior to teaching ACDS classes.

However, there are some changes that have accompanied the implementation of the new ACDS curriculum. Below are the most notable changes to date:

  • The registration fee for ACDS is now $25.00 per semester. The registration fee is due at orientation or the first night of class each semester.
  • Students now receive a set of printed supplemental materials that include homework assignments, articles, note pages, quiz reviews, and power point slides.
  • The new curriculum is designed to focus on a specific age range each semester. First semester focuses on infants and toddlers, second semester focuses on infants/toddlers and preschoolers. Third semester is primarily preschoolers and the fourth semester age group focus is school-agers.
  • WVIT I completers may enter ACDS at second semester if they choose to. The reverse is also true, that is ACDS first semester completers do not have to take WVIT I.  Certificates are required for proof of WVIT I and ACDS first semester completion.
  • The curriculum is outlined with great detail for instructors to follow. Syllabuses, homework assignments, classroom activities, power points, articles, and quizzes have all been designed for instructors to utilize. This organization will help maintain consistency of classroom material for all ACDS classes throughout the state.
  • Each local council region will receive resource boxes to supplement each semester's curriculum. Instructors may borrow the materials to use with apprentices and return the items when finished. These materials will help instructors facilitate classroom group activities and demonstrations.

By summer 2018 all semesters of the new curriculum will be completed, and by spring 2019 all ACDS classes will be utilizing the new curriculum. We want to thank everyone that has participated with the writing of our new curriculum. It has been a challenging journey but the benefits will be evident for years to come.